Meet The Heroes

*This is only a short list of our many wounded and disabled veteran grant applicants.

SGT Connolly
Theodore, Alabama (Marines)
Complications from injuries obtained in active duty combat prevent SGT Connolly, a 60% disabled veteran, from working while he appeals to the VA for assistance. This Purple Heart recipient is at risk of foreclosure and needs immediate financial assistance to support his family.
SPC Reed
Scottsdale, Arizona (Army)
SPC Reed is 90% disabled suffering from injuries including severe cognitive disorder, memory loss, and traumatic brain injury with post concussion headaches. This recipient of the Combat Action Badge, awarded for being … personally present and under direct hostile enemy fire … is unable to work as a result of his injuries. Immediate need is required as SPC Reed financed his post military survival through his credit card, while awaiting the start of his VA benefits, and is now maxed out and late on his rent.
CPO Bennett
Murrieta, California (Navy)
CPO Bennett is wheelchair dependent after he was ejected from his Humvee and has suffered several broken bones and fractures. CPO Bennett is dependent on his wife for his basic survival needs. The wife has taken time off from work to care for her husband’s around the clock medical and psychological needs thereby severely straining their dwindling finances.
SGT Renfro
Vista, California (Marines)
SGT Renfro sustained severe combat injuries while faithfully serving in Iraq. Rehabilitative surgeries have forced this Purple Heart recipient from service and now SGT Renfro is looking to move to AZ to compensate for CA’s high cost of living.
SGT Zbiec
La Mesa, California (Marines)
SGT Zbiec, a Purple Heart recipient Marine Corps. Veteran, was severely wounded while serving an Infantry Squad Leader in Iraq. After his recovery from his coma, and over 40 surgeries, SGT Zinc was proudly retired from his service. SGT Zinc is a 100% disabled wounded veteran, a proud husband, and a loving father.
CPL Curry
Hollister, California (Marines)
CPL Curry is currently in an inpatient facility with a severe case of PTSD. CPL Curry has children and a wife at home that he is unable to support financially due to his inability to work presently.
Airman Swetala
Tulare, California (Navy)
Airman Swetala is a wounded veteran of the Gulf War with 60% disability. He is in desperate need of a second vehicle for his family in order to have the ability to finish his education, and get a job. Currently his family of five only has one vehicle, and therefore does not have the ability to continue his education due to his lack of transportation.
CPL Arzate
Adelanto, California (Marines)
CPL Arzate suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This has caused this brave man a very difficult life, and the inability to find or retain a solid job. CPL Arzate needs funding to stave off foreclosure of his familys home, and to finish his education. CPL Arzate has offered to repay his grant when he is able.
SGT Lathrop
Holly Hill, Florida (Army National Guard)
SGT Lathrop sustained a debilitating injury when his spine was nearly completely severed during a service deployment. SGT Lathrop is one of those National Guard soldiers who have fallen hard through the cracks with not being given the correct assistance with his medical needs. SGT Lathrop is in danger of losing his home due to the astronomical medical bills to care for his injury and rehabilitation.
SGT Cassata
Port Orange, Florida (Army National Guard)
SGT Cassata is not working and has not yet received his disability rating from the VA. He is unable to work a regular job due to his severe injuries.
CPL Libby
Holly Hill, Florida (Army)
CPL Libby currently has a 70% disability rating and is being evaluated for a higher rating. A father of three he suffers from a laundry list of medical conditions that renders him unemployable despite his sincere desire to work and provide for his family.
SGT Blevins
Port Orange, Florida (Marines)
SGT Blevins currently while being thrown from a carrier injuring his neck and back, unable to work and has exhausted all his resources is now being faced with homelessness. Although he has applied for total disability the payments are months away from commencing.
PVT Hurley
Homestead, Florida (Marines)
PVT Hurley is looking for work but unable to find employment. PVT Hurley humbly sleeps on his brother’s couch while battling depression and acute financial collapse.
CPL Masters
Jacksonville, Florida (Marines)
CPL Masters has been unemployed and in-and-out of the hospital the majority of since returning from active duty in Iraq. CPL Masters sustained a traumatic brain injury and suffered damage to his left knee during combat and has been diagnosed with PTSD and depression.
SPC Offenburg
Miami, (Army)
Recently divorced and with two children, this 30% disabled veteran is unemployed and suffering due to the loss of his house and his car. Despair and hopelessness are clouding SPC Offenburger’s mind yet he continues to look forward for the sake of his children.
SPC Rodriquez
Miami, Florida (Army)
SPC Rodriquez is a decorated sharpshooter who cannot find work despite a diligent effort to find work and is as risk for loss of all unemployment compensation due to the length of time of his search.
SPC Phillips
Miami, Florida (Air Force)
SPC Phillips is an honored veteran, and mother of two disabled children. Phillips suffers from lumbar spondylosis (chronic lumbar strain), and post-traumatic stress disorder from her time spent in the military.
SPC Depew
Spring Hill, Florida (Army)
SPC Depew is an active veteran in the US Army. Currently suffering from the wounds of his service, he is falling behind on car payments, and due to his disabilities, is unable to find work at this time.
PFC Thompson
Palm Springs, Florida (Army)
PFC Thompson suffers from a common issue known as PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). These issues have caused PFC Thompson to fall behind in rent and have caused a severe difficulty in finding a job.
MM 1st CL Rudl
Deltona, Florida (Navy)
Rudle suffers a 50% disability due to Asbestos Poisoning. This has also caused a life expectancy of 12 to 18 months. We thank you for your service, and you are in our prayers.
SGT Mason
Holiday, Florida (Army)
SGT Mason suffers from a multitude of illnesses, ranging from 100% PTSD to Bronchitis. SGT Mason needs assistance in getting out of a financial hole with a vehicle as well as bills owed to the V.A. Hospital. SGT Mason is also attempting to go back to school.
PFC Feldman
Mascotte, Florida (Marines)
PFC Feldman suffers from PTSD and mild TBI. PFC Feldman is requesting any amount in order to help get himself a car to get back and forth from his treatment center.
PFC Anglin
Ormond Beach, Florida (Army)
PFC Anglin suffers from various physical as well as mental injuries from his time spent in what was designated as an “Imminent Danger Pay Area” while he was serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
SGT Burke
Jacksonville, Florida (Army National Guard)
SGT Burke is requesting assistance in order to get a vehicle in which he will be able to get a job as well as make his VA appointments. SGT Burke has suffered from serious brain injuries during his time served in Iraq and is now currently 90% disabled and undergoing Oxygen Hyperbolic Chamber treatments.
CPL Blackmer
Parrish, Florida (Army)
CPL Blackmer has served two times in Iraq and has recently returned from Afghanistan. CPL Blackmer suffers from a fractured sternum and a bruised heart, among other issues. He is currently unemployed and requesting monies to help support his family.
SGT Cameron
LaGrange, Georgia (Army)
SGT Cameron was the victim of a roadside bomb while driving his military vehicle in Iraq. Major injuries sustained in the blast include the loss of his left leg, permanent and debilitating nerve damage to his right leg, and the loss of his left ear drum. The veteran has bravely moved on and is married with an infant daughter but the veteran cannot afford furniture or other expected necessities.
SPC Felton
Pitts, Georgia (Army National Guard)
This 30% disabled veteran is a father of seven and is having trouble providing the basic necessities for his family. Currently this veteran is under appeal with the VA to raise his rating to 50% and he is searching for gainful employment. E4 Felton is a 7 year Army Infantryman veteran. He served in support of Iraqi Freedom and the Global War on Terrorism. He sustained injuries in support of his mission and has been granted a 50% dissability rating. He and his wife maintain a household with 7 children. Awarded Partial Grant.
CPL Hoog
Brookville, Indiana (Marines)
CPL Hoog is in need of assistance due to his current financial situation, and an illness that his wife has that is currently keeping her in the hospital. CPL Hoog has five children he is caring for, and is behind on his rent, and needs money to repair his only means of transportation.

CPL Onoja
Silver Spring, Maryland (Army)
Spinal disc degeneration and joint compression injuries sustained during field service have left Cpl Onoja unable to obtain stable employment since his disabilities disqualified him from active duty. Cpl Onoja cannot afford to keep his car and has been unable to maintain stable housing since leaving the service.
SGT Toohey
Taunton, Massachusetts (Army National Guard)
SGT Toohey served honorably and is moving on with her life by attending college and making the best of her situation. Her ten year old vehicle is in need of constant repair and she is barely able to afford the fuel to get back and forth to work. SGT Toohey seeks aid to better her ability to serve.
SPC Spotanski
Grand Island, Nebraska (Army)
This 90% disabled veteran suffers from a long list of debilitating maladies including nerve damage, traumatic brain injury, and degenerative joint disease. SPC Spontanski is a decorated airborne veteran whose injuries prompted him to honorably retire from service after which he spent a year at the Walter Reed Medical Center enduring rehabilitative efforts. Despite his unyielding dedication to his recovery and desire to succeed, the Veteran is having trouble finding a job after being released from Walter Reed and is having considerable trouble affording the basic necessities of life.
SSG O’Dell
Carmel, New York (Army)
SSG O’Dell endured 3 extended tours in Iraq and Afghanistan which resulted in multiple knee and wrist surgeries from combat related injuries obtained in the Line of Duty. This father of 5 learned his oldest son had died in an accident while SSG O’Dell was on Medication hold for one of his surgeries. In spite of his injuries, SSG O’Dell spent 18 months in New York helping to clear and rebuild the World Trade Center buildings and currently suffers continual stress pain as a long haul trucker.
SN Bellomio
Webster, New York (Navy)
Awaiting Further Veteran Documentation.
SPC Jackson
Jeanette, Pennsylvania (Army)
SPC Jackson is a Purple Heart recipient with a confirmed 50% disability rating who is at risk of losing his home as he cannot afford his rent or utilities. Gunshot residue combined with surgical numbness and loss of motion from his grafts underscore the Spc J’s ability to maintain labor.
CPL Burcher
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania (Marines)
This Purple Heart recipient was peppered with shrapnel and suffers from various maladies associated with multiple shrapnel wounds covering much of his body. While moving on with his lift, CPL Burcher the cost of living has skyrocketed in his area and is having trouble making ends meet.
SPC Maples
Middletown, Pennsylvania (Army)
SPC Maples is waiting for the final determination of his formal disability rating from the VA but expects it to be 100% as he is unable to walk and his mental challenges are so severe that his wife filled out and filed his grant application in his stead.
SPC Houston
Kittanning, Pennsylvania (Army)
SPC Houston is a brave wounded veteran with an above knee amputation. SPC Houston currently holds a full time job, but is unable to make ends fully meet right now. His wife, who is also a war veteran, is now pregnant with their first child.
SPC Redcorn
SPC Redcorn served in Vietnam and suffers from a 60% disability rating caused by diabetes brought on via his exposure to Agent Orange. His personal account was recently double billed causing him to drown in a tidal wave of overdraft fees caused by a charge he did not authorize and that was beyond his control. He is currently out of work but hoping that his company will recall him once they procure some new contracts.
PFC Belfiore
Madison, Tennessee (Army)
PFC Belfiore is currently unemployed and unable to get an apartment. He is requesting funds to be able to get shelter while he searches for full time employment.
SPC Vicks
Killeen, Texas (Army)
SPC Vicks is a 22 year old soldier who has developed multiple painful draining abscesses on the scalp shortly after deploying to Afghanistan in 2005. SPC Vicks would like to get work, but due to his disability, he is requesting help for bills, as he is unable to work.
SPC Hardin
Copperas Cove, Texas (Army)
Specialist Hardin was seriously injured in Samarra, Iraq in 2007 while serving with the 1st CAV-3-8 out of Ft. Hood, TX. Specialist Hardin was in the Reed Army Medical Center for almost two years before being allowed to go home. He now has moved to the Ft. Hood area and faces many difficulties with making enough money for basic needs such as food, and gas.
SPC DeVega
Houston, Texas (National Guard)
SPC DeVega tore his Achilles tendon on a mission with the Texas Army Guard on a border mission in El Paso, TX. He was told by the medical facility, one day before his appointments, that he had to clear his post and deal with the VA on his own. He now needs funding to catch up on bills, and take care of his family.
SGT Slone
Newport News Virginia (Army)
SGT Slone applied for assistance so that he can provide for his children. This Veteran’s application did not provide too much information on his needs or circumstances but his DD214 reveals a Veteran whose service certainly speaks volumes concerning his eligibility and need; i.e. served in an imminent danger pay area.”
SGT Asbury
Lexington Virginia (National Guard)
SGT Asbury suffers from several disabilities due to the time he has spent in the Army and the National Guard. Bother he and his wife suffer from disabilities and are confined to a variety of medications. SGT Asbury’s conditions prevent him from providing for his wife and 5 children as he would like.
SSG Issacson
Sun Prairie Wisconsin (Army)
SSG Issacson was in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan that resulted in a spinal cord injury which leaves his dream of starting a family possible only by in-vitro fertilization. SSG Issacson is another Veteran who knowingly and unselfishly served in an Imminent Danger Area feeling this area was the best way for him to utilize his physical gifts in the service of our Country.
CPL Teem, Jr.
Perkins, Georgia (Marines)
CPL Teem, Jr. is currently at the VA Medical Center suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. CPL Teem, JR. served two tours of duty in Iraq and he is need of assistance with his bills for last three months.
SGT Calhoun
Elberton, Georgia (Army)
CPL Calhoun is in the hospital and in need of financial assistance because his family has only one vehicle, and it is unreliable at best. They need money for gas, food, and are already three months behind on rent.
SPC Cook
Ashville, North Carolina (Army)
SPC Cook has been too disabled to work since 1988 due to PTSD and a gunshot wound to the chest. He has been hospitalized over 50 times, and has been exposed to Agent Orange several times. He is in need of assistance due to hospital bills totaling over $15,000.
SPC Domina
Royal Palm Beach, Florida (Army)
SPC Domina is a wounded hero that suffers from several injuries including PTSD, Lower Back Strain, Shoulder Strain, and Left Hamstring Strain. SPC Domina was suddenly Honorably discharged from service, with these conditions. He was not prepared to make ends meet when this happened, and due to his injuries.
SGT Stauffer
Deltona, Florida (Army)
SGT Stauffer is in need of funding to relocate with his wife to PA, where they can afford housing, and general life expenses. This will allow SGT Stauffer a better chance for employment, as well as to complete his college degree. He currently suffers from a severe case of PTSD.